Tuesday, March 24, 2015



I guess I'll be stopping my blogging for a while =.="
I dun think I'll continue writing things abt the heart at the moment.

So, goodbye for nw since I dunno what to write anymore.
I dun want to write about someone that I have locked away deep in my memories.
No more.

I dun want to unlock things that should have kept locked & untouched by anyone; doesn't matter by who.

Matters of my heart; just let it remain deep in my heart aite?

So, bye.

** I'll come back when I have better things to post about. Huhu. Wish me luck ! ;)

0 done.[♥]

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kebingungan. Oh sakit hati, sakit kepala.

Do you know hw it feels like to be totally confused?
You dunno whether you should be happy, sad or angry at a certain situation.

Have you?

I have. This makes me angry.

For all those years of trying to get over a certain individual who had taken up all the space in my heart, gluing piece by piece of my broken heart, building brick by brick to make a strong, sturdy wall...almost crushed in a single night.
Sheeeshhh~ =.="

All those unanswered questions, unasked questions that came from years of wondering whether what we did back then was good or not, wont hurt me or anyone else...i guess, will be answered bit by bit.

This is why I fortify my walls. Made them as hard as I can. Block out or block in?
Both, perhaps.
Block ppl out like that crazy man frm entering and thus stomping on my heart again.
Block my feelings in so that this time, my head could rule over my heart and act wisely this time around.

Tapi? Ye! Ade tapi.
Boleh ke? Aku harap dinding aku cukup kuat utk thn serangan drpd manusia tu =.="
Td pagi, die juz usap2 dinding aku then ketuk2 dinding aku. Konon test strength la =.="
Lepas tu, hamek ! Tanpa belas kasihan, tanpa amaran...die bg aku bom!!! >.<"
Eh serabut pala hotak aku!
Nasib kuat dinding aku.

No. I wont let him in that easily.
Ohhhhh no.
He will have to try harder or perhaps a longer battle IF he really wants to tear down my walls so badly =.="
Entah ape yg die nk sbnrnye aku xmo faham. Walopn aku dpt rase yg aku tau ape die nak. Hoho.

It is not going to be easy. Try better bombs, boy.

0 done.[♥]

Friday, March 20, 2015

8day Vacay!

Hey! Late post ;p
Well, gonna update a few thing d past few days:

• got an 8-day vacay, went to Kuantan for my sister's yearly medical checkup
• met up QueenMam at the station. Missed her terribly
• after my sister's visit to d hospital ended, went back to Johor
• changed, washed & prepared clean clothes for Singapore
• follow QueenMam to Singapore
• Mar 17,2015 - clbrated my 29th [ugh~ so young! haha] with d girls in Singapore. Received a very powerful powerline from a certain somebody. Haha. Idk~ this is disturbing =.="
• repeatedly reading the ecard i got every chance i got!
• still reading it!
• went back home after a trip around the island with MRT & LRT inclusive of lunch at Jollibee, eating again n again n again. haha

nw? working =.=" oh d boredom!
so, of coz reading again d darn ecard :p


Cant read it enough. Idk. This made me confused though.

Well, i had fun though. Haha.

Til next time.

0 done.[♥]