Tuesday, January 13, 2015


huh. i dreamt of u. again~ d last thing i saw is a bit making me twisting n turning right nw =.="

"aku teramat rindu pd mu"

tell me hw should i b alright even that was a dream?

aku pun. aku pun. sayang, aku pun.

1 done.[♥]

Direk Snow.

Have u ever create a scenario and recreate it all over n over again?
I have.
I'd imagine a scene; d best, possible outcomes then I'd change them to d opposites. Extremely opposites.

That was what I did all day. Create n recreate a scene over & over in my mind.
Every detail, from d smallest gestures to d giants of actions. I had d scenes acted out hundreds of times in my head.

Crazy? maybe.


this is totally a bummer.

0 done.[♥]

Sunday, January 11, 2015

This I Promise You ke udara~~

wahai JT, bile la wa mau berdua sprti lu. . .

lu da bertiga TT^TT demm~!

0 done.[♥]

Friday, January 09, 2015

Dawn of planet of d hypocrites. haha.

Hey ! Late post !

Work wars. Pnh dgr? pnh alami?
aku plg mls nk involve dlm hal neh. no. bkn aku hipokrit. cume aku x brminat dgn all those backstabbers, pijak-semut-x-mati kind of ppl =.="
i have had my fair share of this type of ppl in my life. i dun need another. hoho.

kdg2, aku kesian kt org yg group neh jadikn target.
aku play it safe je tp kdg2 saket plak hati kite neh menengoknye :|
kalo da x thn, slalunye aku akn 'sound'. suarakan ape yg aku x suke. bela sket golongan dibuli tuh.

all i can say kat org yg dbuli neh, sabar.
last2, aku sndiri xleh sabar.
aku suruh je bebudak neh melawan. pergh jd batu api aku. hoho.
abes ! smpai bile kn ?! geram plak aku.

xpolah. slagi aku bleh thn dgn kehiprokitan *ade ke perkataan neh?! haha* memasing, sabar je.

let's wait and see :)

0 done.[♥]

Thursday, January 08, 2015


Work is an ass =.=" *sigh*
I want romance in my life so that I may feel like I'm alive !
oh d stress.

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Indefinitely, surprisingly. . . I still do.

Have u ever felt like u dun want to lose someone but u know u cant have them?
I have that feeling for a healthy 6yrs.
There comes a time that I wished I could have them in my arms again, to say things I couldnt say at the time and stare at them as much as I wanted.
Maybe they were too special for me to forget. Too attached.
I can get it if I am missing someone that aren't here anymore but hw abt d ones that are still breathing & kicking?

Sometimes I got upset with myself by still having this lingering feelings over someone that I shouldnt.
I'm not loyal but I couldn't lie to my feelings either =.="

I loved that person so much that it became hard for me to completely neutralize every ounce of feelings i have for this person.
I would miss that person. A lot.
I remembered everything about that person or whatever piece of memories I had left inside my head abt this particular person.

Geez~ first love sucks! =.="
Why is my first love kept on haunting me till this day?!!
I know I shouldnt even bother to reply but I replied regardlessly.
I know I shouldnt even try to think abt him but I did anyway.
I don't know what to do with this pentup feelings anymore =.="
This is one of the reasons I took up blogging again.
I had thought that I might not blog about this particular person again but damn! I was wrong.
And here i am writing abt this particular person again *rolleyes*

In the end, I still have feelings for him. Strong ones.
Why? I still don't know.
I hated this heart of mine a lot whenever it is still feeling things for that person.

I know I shouldnt but I cant stay too far.
I hate this.

1 done.[♥]

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Wah ! Dah 2015 !

Assalamualaikum blog ku yg berhabuk.

Aku sebenarnya dah lama x update apa2 kat blog aku neh.
Tension sebenarnya, tu yang lama sangat tinggalkan dunia blogging.
Last skali aku post pape kat dlm blog neh thn 2013?
see...da 2 thn. hoho.

Disebabkan menulis blog neh aku da anggap terapi untuk diri aku despite whether somebody's actually reading this or not, aku akan terus menaip blog sampai masa aku da xmo tulis cam ape yg berlaku 2thn lepas.

Well, hopefully this new year could make me even stronger and better than the last.

Bye for now.

0 done.[♥]