Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Chapter. Again, college life =.="

ehem. salam and good day :)

it had been so long since my last post er?
well, been too bz to update anything. and yeah, no internet connection available :p
and if there is a connection anywhere, i'm too cooped up doing something. hoho. ouh well, new stuff abt me ey? currently i am a Diploma in Event Management student at somewhere in Kuantan. huhu. so u could imagine how bz i am eventhough it is only sem 1 =.="

hermm...i wont b updating much in this near future, so i'll b quite silent here in d blogging world. kekeke~

to u guys who come upon this blog, thnx ;)
for those who came by and stamp their insignia at my guestbook, super thnx ! i'll get bck at u when i'm available ya ? ;p hehe.

well, have a good day girls + guys ;p

little notes : Happy Bday Pa. AlFatihah utk Papa + Amal. Sm0ga roh Abah + Amal drahmati Allah sentiasa. amin.

0 done.[♥]