Friday, July 27, 2012

between trust + sympathy.


don't u think u should stop hurting someone that u once cared ?
agak unfair actually to d other person.
sume yg brlaku, ade hikmah.
minta pd tuhan supaya manusia yg brniat untuk menyakiti diri kita + keluarga serta rakan² yg penting dlm idop kite, dijauhkn ataupn dibatalkn niat die untuk menyakiti kite.
andai kata manusia yg brniat untuk menyakiti kite tuh adalah org yg kite sendiri syg, jd kite minta pd tuhan supaya dia batalkan niatnya yg mungkin akan membawa kemudaratan terhadap kite dari segi emosi ataupn mentaliti.

kite neh manusia yg lemah. nak² manusia yg jenis simpati kuat (macam saye).
kite cenderung untuk menolong walaupn manusia tuh pernah melukai perasaan kite suatu ketika dahulu.

tapi, ade gak manusia yg da evolve. simpati kuat masih ada, cuma lebih berhati². matured da.
saye rase, saye tergolong dlm group neh. jadi agak impossible untuk saye menunjukkn simpati yg trlampau terhadap sesape pn, baik org yg kite kenal ataupn org yg kite x knal.

kenape jd camtu?
sebab da serik.

kalau x kawan tikam belakang, kena main hidup² dengan manusia yg kite ambil berat.
pergh ! sakit =.="
berdasarkan pengalaman hidup saye neh, da trlalu byk manusia yg mengambil kesempatan terhadap kekurangan diri saye neh.
jd, as a result, i tend to block off all people that i don't know, take small steps in being around people that i know and strangers.
i don't open up easily. by means, i don't trust people easily like i used to.
dsbbkn ketidakpercayaan yg kuat camtu terhadap manusia, alhamdulillah...agak selamat juge la walopon adela sipi² kna main =.=" haish~


anyway, it's up to each individuality to trust or not.
for my case, it's hard to trust when there isn't any peculiar reason to put ur trust in someone that break that trust.

it's hard. dun u think so ?
well, have a nice day :) and happy fasting ! ;)

2 done.[♥]

wa mmpi lu lagi da =.="

sigh~ =.="
i dreamt of him again today.

wat's wrong ???
pehtu, sgguh pelik bin ajaib tetibe ade msg from him also *prasaantrkujut*
aisehhh~ =.="

coincidence ?
i told u it's not coincidence =.=" aiyaaaaaaaa~
sgguh benci bile ini trjadi =..= *hembuskuat²*
agak depressing actually.
ohhhh~ tension tensionnnn!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012



assalamualaikum :)

keke~ agak lame da x update er ;p
well, due to d cough+flu i dun get to blog much :D
plus, i dun have any mood to update anything due to sickness ;p

alhamdulillah, my sickness turned out quite alright. i'm getting better each passing day =) hihi.

skrng da pose ke 4 er.
cepat plak kn ? ^^

well, kenkawan yg beragama Islam...selamat brpuasa ^^


2 done.[♥]

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Ramadhan =)

**image credited to Mr.Google

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


finally, after such a long time...i had a reply :)

ps : awk. awk klik link kt bwh neh ek ;) pass ? same je cam previous post.

pss : awk. terima kasih. awk da buat saye yg tgh demam neh elok sket :p kekeke~ saye x harap pn sebarang penjelasan ttg kenapa awk sudah lame menghilangkan diri walopn agak best la juga kalo awk bleh jelaskan tuk menghentikan segala persoalan yg bermain dlm palahutak saye selama neh.

last ! awk. saye harap awk baik² saje.

2 done.[♥]

Saturday, July 14, 2012

sore throat + cough = sick. aiyayayaiiii~

not feeling well ;(
oh sick.

well, not gonna b updating for a while =)
being in front of d monitor for a long tym would make me feel lightheaded ^^

oh well, i guess it's the season for cough + flu.
hope u guys are taking precautions for this hot weather ^^

salam + have a good day.

2 done.[♥]

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ayat :)

**credited to JKKK Fan Club

hee~ assalamualaikum + selamat pagi.
well, setakat share sahaje di pagi Khamis ni ^^
bace sblm tdo :)

2 done.[♥]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


**credit to FB

3 done.[♥]

RIP Dolphy Quizon.

Stop for a minute and let's pray. Zsa Zsa Padilla confirmed our King of Comedy is already dead. Good bye Tito Dolphy. Thank you for making us laugh throughout the years! You will definitely be missed. :’( - Marian Rivera FBpage

condolences to the Quizons ;(
i grew up watching him. eventhough my tagalog is hazy but i laughed whenever i watched him at the movies.
gonna miss him a lot.
Rest in peace, Tito Dolphy ♥

2 done.[♥]

Doa :)

assalamualaikum + selamat pagi ^^

well, ini. . .utk share sahaje ;p
amek dr FB ^^ so da bgtau awal² er. the following image is credited to FB.

5 done.[♥]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

she cries.


she cries again today.
it didn't take me long to know something was not right about her this morning.
her face...was sullen. her eyes ? swollen.

she went into my sisters' room, wanted to iron her clothes.
i followed her.
i asked - what's wrong ?
she didn't budge at 1st, she asked me back - What ?
i asked again, this time a bit different - nothing. it's weird you're awake this early.
she said - oh. i was preparing to iron my clothes + asked your sister to take a bath so that i could bring her to the clinic for her flucoughfever.
me ? discontented but didn't stop.
i said : ohh~
paused for a while. watching carefully her movements + facial expressions. all of those shouting - I AM NOT ALRIGHT !!
i asked her again - what's wrong ?
she started to mumble. AHA ! something IS not right - i thought.
slowly, she started to say that her partner wanted to go back + send his mother home.
puzzled, i asked again - why ?
she said - oh. this will make me cry again if i say.
i urged her to talk.
then, she started to sob + pause. i hugged her immediately.
i couldn't understand most of it since she was talking with her tears rolling down her cheeks.
yup. she is crying.
but i asked her just to make sure - so, it's not me who's making you like this ?
she said - no.
i was relieved. at least it's not me who did this to her.
i asked again - who did this to you then ?
she didn't say. i guessed it already anyway.
who is more capable in making her cry besides me ? huhu.

it is sad to see her like that. especially when it wasn't me who did that to her. huhu.
i don't understand why she cried at first then i guessed it on my own.YES, i guessed it correctly.
she kept on saying - 'why are you all so stone-hearted ?'...'please don't be like your arwah abah's side of the family'
she said that while pressing my chest.
i hold her hand, a bit annoyed actually with the gesture because it ISN'T my fault but calmed her down anyway.
she wanted to sit and talk bt i can't =.=" got work and i was LATE.huhu.

i said - i can't talk on their behalf. they have their own thoughts.
she said - but still, why ? i didn't teach my kids to be like this.
i paused. i don't want to say anything that might worsen the situation more.
she said - like arwah papa said, 'when are you gonna act like the eldest?'
i was annoyed.then i said - i AM the eldest. (i AM acting like one =.=" - i thought)
she said - then why are they like this ? i am frustrated with everything.
i said - i HAVE been organizing them but i AM working. i AM not always in the house. so i trusted them 100% in handling things at home on their own.
she said - please don't leave them like that. say something to them.
i said - i DID and still do! whenever i got home, i always nagged. it's tiring to nag *laugh*
she laughed a little too. she said - but that isn't enough.
i said - of course it isn't. but i can't be there for them all the time as well.

she kept on saying things like - hw if i am not there anymore ? who you're going to turn to ?
i didn't say anything. instead i just smiled at her.

actually, i couldn't say a lot of things to her.
i don't care about her life, really. i just cared for her.
whatever she wanted to do in her life, go on.
but i guess what goes around comes around.
this is the toll of her undoing the last time. huhu.

i know my sisters and i are not people type. social, i mean.
we don't go buddy-buddy with society.
and it is really hard to accept something that is being forced upon to.
no man nor woman, young and old alike, will stand for things that are being forced onto them in life. fact.
example :
A don't like B but C ( A's sister/brother) likes B. tuptup, B + C happily married without A knowing then suddenly have to be in-laws =.="
B + C comes home making A uncomfortable. then, lots of situations going on making it unbearble for A to live with B + C. (to be continued...)

so, conclusion ?
not everybody can accept changes. especially if it involves with family or someone that they cared about.

we always see it in dramas + movies where this kind of situation being portrayed.
we as the audience, will always have those logic thoughts based on certain scenes in the drama or movie.
but the question here - if it does apply in your own life, can you do the things that you thought logical at the time ?
not all will answer YES. huhu.

that is why i couldn't say the things that i felt about the matter.
i love her and i want to see her happy but i know too that the only thing that can make her happy is by seeing all of her family members can live alongside each other and be genuinely happy with each other's existence, doesn't matter if there is additions in the family.
this dream of happiness is unlikely to be true for her and i know why she can never have this kind of happiness.
it's hard. to like someone that you don't like.
but the way that we handle things like this is the key, i guess.
and here i was thinking that i AM the hardheaded one in the family =.="
all of my sisters have their own personalities. she should know that better than anyone else.
but she doesn't understand why is my sister being that way even-though she knew that this sister of mine have always been like this since little.
she even left her own friends at the party that she invited personally =.=" leaving me to entertain her guests =.="
typical her.

i knew that and i think it is hard to change that habit of hers =.="

all i can say is, no matter hw much we nagged about this...if the person doesn't see her/his own wrong, s/he won't budge an inch. period.
it'll take a miracle for this type of person to actually see her/his mistakes.

ego ? there is no such thing involved in this.
it's habit.
she thought it is of no use to entertain someone that she doesn't like even-though this someone is somebody to her own mother.
i guess that is what she has been thinking. huhu.
even for myself. i won't entertain someone's guest that i am not fond of =.="
but! i will make an effort to entertain though =.="
why ?
it is not polite to leave someone's guest unentertained.
it might felt half-hearted but at least, i did my job well as the host.


do you have this kind of situation ?

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Monday, July 09, 2012

**credit to FB**

aku kalo dpt kucing neh...akn ku geget² tinge die + tenyeh² muke die yg comel itu.
wahahahahaha~ *gelakjahat*

2 done.[♥]


assalamualaikum ;)

trjmpe neh kt fb. so ckp awal² er, i credited this to FB =D hee~

Antara amalan d Bulan Rejab - Baca (sebaiknya hafal) doa ini tiap lepas Solat. Maksudnya "Tiada Tuhan selain Engkau (Allah), Maha Suci Engkau, sungguhnya aku dari golongan yg zalim (kerana melakukan dosa). Ampunkan dosaku, rahmati daku dan terima taubatku. Sungguhnya Engkau sebaik2 Tuhan Maha Penyayang".

0 done.[♥]

xde pape la.


mood agak ke laut =.="

pening pala pn ade =.="


ok. tataw nk taip per da.


(to be continued. . .) kekeke~

2 done.[♥]


y do i have this dream anyway ?? =.="

walopon it made me a bit upset tp i had my moment of bliss =)
anyway, it is a dream =.="

we were at a house or something. i saw my mom. us ? we were at d living room, watching tv. i can see it very clearly d dream was putting me at night =.="
i guess, we're preparing to sleep.
i can hear my mom said 'goodnite' to us.
i played around for a bit :p
then, i was being cuddly =.="
i hugged him at d back wif ma leg over him. it was a comfortable position for me, hugging him at d back like that.
i placed my ear behind his back. i could hear him breathing + beating. slow + steady rhythms. it was d most comforting sound i've had ever heard of selain drpd lullabies + ayat² suci AlQuran.
he placed his hands over my hand n brought it to his chest. i smiled :)
then, blank.
i guess, in my dream...i've slept ?

so i wake up at 0630, tutup aircond + smbung tdo balik =.="
still xde mmpi tuh. ciss~

papehal pn, it has been a very long time since d last time i had dreams abt him :)
i am glad i could see him in my dream last night.
i've missed him a lot. so much to b exact.
tp biarlah.
biarlah Allah + yeah, u d readers yg taw i have missed him so much.
d boy who stole my heart n never returned it back.
d boy who made my heart skipped a beat by seeing only his name.
d boy who made me leaving breathless whenever i hear his songs.
d boy whom i have loved so much, missed so much, yearned so much.
d boy whom i can never replace in my heart though how hard i tried.
my little devil. my dak kecik.


0 done.[♥]

Abah + Amal ♥

**credit to FB**

i miss ma dad.
AlFatihah to Idris Bin Yusop + ma little boy, Mohammad Ikhmal Hisham Bin Idris ♥
may their souls rest in peace. Amin.

0 done.[♥]

Again~ with the dreams.

i dreamt of u last night.
i guess, i was thinking abt u a lot these past few days. weeks maybe.
d 1st dream in a longgg time.

ps : awk, pass die er org xleh bg. so u need to crack d code urself ;p hint! password yg org gune dlu tuk id YM org without d numbers.



pss : sebarang pertanyaan selepas mmbace, sila hantarkn prtnyaan sama ada mnggunakan email, formspring, off YM or simply comment below ;p kekeke~

2 done.[♥]

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Doodle #3

aha !
dis tym, i did it using SAI =) Paint Tool Sai name penuh nye ^^ kekeke~

bubbles + disclaimer = photoscape.
transparent BG = gimp.

bleh la er. haha. ok la. tata ! assalamualaikum. til we meet again, insyaAllah.

5 done.[♥]

Do You Blog ?


assalamualaikum :)

td g terjah blog. found out about d blog mase jnjln blog zmn aktif dlu ;p
dlu mase g terjah die, ade la bace a few entries. ske care die menaip. hehe.

slalunye, blog yg agak brkesan didalam minda neh mmg akan stay kt lam hutak for a long tym. maybe sbb die chumel kot ;p
saje google name die skali kuar ^^ happy.
tgk new updates abt her. wah~! trkejut aku die da jd isteri org. alhamdulillah.


den ? bilo laie ? lambek bona haaa ?
si chumel tuh da le mudo dr den =.=" suda brgelar isteri. haishh~
nways, aku ttp yakin. maybe nt nw bt someday, my jodoh will come =) insyaAllah.

skrng neh, agak ramai la kite dgr org brhijrah to b better in anything. saye ? same la juge. i've been trying to remind myself every nw + then abt pahala + dosa. tp...kte neh manusia. ade la khilafnye.

eh~ jap. da lari isi kandungan. haha~! psl blogger chumel neh, i dunno abt her much bt i guess she's quite cute in personality la. appearance die mmg da comel dohh~ *loghatganusket*
curious ? bleh la g sini.

i dunno la if u guys pnh blogjump blog die since i've been idle for quite a long tym. tp based on her posts, famous jugak la ^^ hehe~ rajin die g gath² bloggers ^^
saye ? pemalu la *shyshy*
sedangkan gath utk bebudak YM [tym kolej, hangat ini saye room JOHOR:1.aha promote !] pn saye dop gi =.=" inikan lg gath² besar cam nuffnang ke hape. Ya Allah! xde laaaaaa~ *gelengpalalaju²*

nak pegi tp i dunno ppl much. oh unhappy.
walopon acct blog + nuffies suda bleh dkatakn oldtimer berdasarkan tym join la, tp i'm not so active like d younger ones *sigh* pergh~! d younger ones are so active + aggressive!! bleh dkatakan yg bru join this yr pn da agak HOT kt lam dunia blogger neh.
saye part-time je. xde pn nk aktif sgt. so i dun mind much la abt being famous or not =) *ecehhhhh~*
tp ade la trdetik di hati maw jumlah nuffies tuh brtmbh. HAHA! dsbbkn clash yg agak lame dr nuffies trchenta, agak trkejut ah bru² neh g tgk. alhamdulillah. lepas ah kalo nk g mkn Mekdi tuk saye sorg. HAHAHA~!

oh well. niat buat blog tuk record things that i experience day by day je. xde niat nk buat income ke hape. itu side je la. kalo ade rezekinye kt ctu, alhamdulillah. for d long run, brtambah la juge insyaAllah. cam menabung ah. tuh psl pggil die iklan tabung. kekeke~ tmbh kenalan pn rezeki juge ye x ? having friends is a blissful thing. it applies in d online world. walopon kenal nickname saje ;p tp still kenal kan!
lagi happy kalo kite ade somekindofchemistry with a group of online personalities even x jmpe face2face. online je, cari that group of people first. i've had that experience mase YM tgh HOT. tym kolej la tuh =)

skrng ? blogging is HOT kot. wallahualam. i started blogging pn, at d tym it's not very wellknown here in Malaysia. segelintir je ade blog. kalo ade pn, stakat luahan perasaan or for business. jarang la kite dgr ade bloggroupies ^^
nw ? with d help of nuffnang + sejenis dgnnye, blogging is a common thing. HAHA.

herm. brjela plak @,@ stop cni jap er karangan berjela.
til i post again.


6 done.[♥]

Do'a Utk IbuBapa


0 done.[♥]

June Weddings ♥ Mira + Wan [pt.4]


[kna buli dgn photographer.kehkehkeh~]

[cumel er diorg nyer guestbook ^^]

[d pengapit of d bride, my Angah ♥]

[hantaran pihak lelaki.serba merah gitu~!]

little notes : will continue on later in d evening insyaAllah. nk brsiap² g koje neh ^^, til then ! annyeong ! wassalam.

0 done.[♥]

June Weddings ♥ Mira + Wan [pt.3]

eheh! assalamualaikum + good morning :)

dlu, ade kate nk upload more psl weddings in June neh ^^ this one, Mira + Wan ♥
nk tgk previous post ?
click la sini for pt 1 + sini for pt 2

0 done.[♥]

1st doodle gune PS ^^,


assalamualaikum~! ^^
akhirnye, dgn khusyuknye melihat tuto from Incik WanHazel kt blog beliau + utube beliau ^^,
maka trjadila karikator yg comel.ahaa~!

ngee~ ok x ?
well, u can bet more doodlings in d future ^^ hehe~

2 done.[♥]

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


ok =.="
i am literally at lost here.
dsbbkn blogspot neh maw upgrade in a few months, so i thought maybe i should familiarize myself with the new layout.

kemas tp i need more icebreaking la kan ;p

well, it won't take me that long to adjust. *ihope*

do u guys have d same experience as i ?
or maybe i'm a bit late ;p huihuihui~
drpd wa trkejut beruk cam facebook nyer layout tuh.
tetibe online suda jd timeline.
lg kacau pala wa.
not like i HAVE a facebook account.mind u, i dun.
n i won't b having one soon.
i've had ma fun having fb and like everything else, it had flaws as well.
the rotten side.
i wouldn't want that to effect me in any way tp better ngelak er ?
wa rase, better wa brblog.
at least, xde la saket ati menengok updates cam fb =.="
still, blogging is ma favourite medium to express my 5 senses to d max(?) ek?
ikutskeatila nk bace ke tidak. tuh psl ade snippet ;p *gratefulforthat*
kalo rase cam intro x sesuai dgn mood wa at d tym, i won't read =D

tp most of all, i must say wa ske eksesais kt dunia blog neh walopn calorieburns equals to none.haha~!
dpt cari ilham utk post baru or mngubaisuai blog wa yg da sedia cun tuk wa neh. *prasanjap*
wa ske tweaks+tips for blogs neh and most of d tym blogjogging, i'm admiring ppl's creativity + patience =) ahah!

for today, wa trjatuh chenta plak nk wat doodle gune pc neh >♥o♥)>
bkn x pnh doodle, pnh cume jarang sgt la gune pc tuk doodling.
usually i'll doodle kat lam buku je.
dlu tym skolah, abes buku nota+reference textbooks+papela kna conteng :))
kalo x dgn tandatangansyoksendiri, doodlings la. . .or quotes by yours truly ;p
i love things yg ade kaitan dgn arts neh tp sayang, x amek tym skolah =.="
yela. dlu xde org nk tunjukkn ke-best-an *adekeayatneh?* ttg satu² bnde mase kt skolah dlu, almaklumla...anak sulung, so parents plak 1st tym mnghadapi sume yg anak sulung diorg hadapi juge.
kalo la ade org bgtau bnde tuh best, bnde neh best. . .maybe i won't have to waste a lot of precious tym on something yg i can't apply rite nw =.="
bkn x brsyukur, brsyukur...cume bile pk² balik...tuh yg trtimbul - 'what if'

well, it's not too late to learn anything kn ?
nways, ade satu sayings tuh...-belajar slagi x mati- ek?
ontah =.="
kire cam selagi dkurniakn umo yg pnjg, carila ilmu.

well, wa rase da trpnjg plak entri kali neh.slalu pendek² je.
dlu zmn blogtghpns mmg entri brjela².
yela, tym tuh ade sumber inspirasi tuk dbuat entriblog.haha!
bknnye xde, cume tgh cari momentum balik.
b passionate abt writing again.
walopn xde org yg sudi nk bace entri post pnjg brjela camni, at least...trluah suda ^^


k ah.
mate naek julen.
nk merayap jap ah kt opis neh @,@ haha~!

til nxt post !


2 done.[♥]

1st time.

ngahaha~ dsbbkn kebosanan yg melampau kt tmpt koje neh =.="
so berdoodle la kite =.="
not bad er?
da lame x doodle actually.
slalunye doodle bkn manusia la.
neh 1st tym doodle manusia :))

well, hopefully i'll b better at it in tym.
agak payah sbnrnye doodling using mouse ^^
slalu pkai pensel je =.="

0 done.[♥]


**taken from FB**

peringatan tuk diri sndiri =)
moga² dberkati Yang Maha Kuasa.

6 done.[♥]

tataw.nk.letak.title.ape. haha !

assalamualaikum !

actually last night maw upload certain things kt blog tp da leka mngedit blog smpai da x jadi nk upload =.=" hee~

well, here goes. . .

[Congrats kpd Incik Emi + wifey ♥ Incik Emi neh kwn gado² tym skolah dlu.haha!]

[Congrats to Mrs Mira + Wan ♥ Mrs neh, kwn kpd adek sbnrnye =) adek jd pngapit. later² la upload more on her wedding la yep]

neh pics conclusion je neh ^^
byk sgt pic nk upload nye =.="
itu bleh upload later² la :p

well, nk siap² g koje ^^
nnti kt opis, buhsan² i'll blog more.
maybe x blog la, juz bloghopping sudeyh ;p haha!

k la darlings!
c ya soon.

by then, take care. blogrunning ka, blogwalking ka, blogjogging ka, blogjumping ka, blogskipping ka. . .pape pn terms korg gune la kn *huhu* jgn smpai trlupa maw klik sumbangan tabung kawen saye la yep ^^ hoho~



0 done.[♥]

Selamat Malam.

**taken from Mr.Google**

ngntok suda =.="
menguap je keje dr td.
well, da pueh ati suda tuko certain things kt blog wa neh ^^
well, assalamualaikum !

0 done.[♥]

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Soon la.

buhsan la =.="
nways, few minutes left til 1800 !!
then, i'm freeeeeeeeee~

it's actually very boring to stay behind a desk for a very long tym =.=" kdg² rase montot kebas, ade je nk brjln. . .
tp mane bleh ah dok lelame. bosannnnnnnnnnn~

balik nnti, i'll upload some pics yg sepatutnye d'post'kn semalam. internet x baik dgn saye semalam.huhu~

so, darlings !
will resume blogging later ;)

little note : balik umah pn, Astro xleh tengok =.=" grr~ so slow to update. hishhh~ nk tgk Ahjumma + BridalMask pn x dannnnn~!!!! *tarikrambut*

0 done.[♥]


**credited to FB**

0 done.[♥]


**credit frm FB**

little note : agak² la kan, bila trcapainye hasrat nk jd isteri + ibu mithali neh *berangan* ade ke kt luar sane sudi nk jd suami ku dunia-akhirat ?

0 done.[♥]


*taken frm FB*

insyaAllah. one day.

0 done.[♥]

Monday, July 02, 2012

June Weddings ♥ Mira + Wan [pt.2]


3 done.[♥]

June Weddings ♥ Mira + Wan

neh plak, kwn Ms. Ecah ^-^ keke~

[pelamin buat sndiri. nk sewa ? bleh ^^ tarak hal d bride says.]

[d Bride tgh d-ready-kn by MakeUp Artiste]

0 done.[♥]

June Weddings ♥ Along Emi

neh plak collection pic org kenduri kendara last month. byk beno org kawen =.="
aku ?

lalalala~ abaikn soalan ituuuuuuuu~ haha~

here goes,

Selamat Pengantin Baru Along Emi ^-^

[with Mdm + Alg Emi's Ibu ♥]

neh plak wif ma family :) wa xde lam tuh =D keke~

little note : Semoga Allah mmberkati perkahwinan kamo + isteri kamo wahai Incik Emi ;) keke~

0 done.[♥]

Batch IPD Jan - Apr 2012 [pt.4]


snap : 12

[taken at GSC, WangsaWalk. actlly dgn Cik Mira tp die pnyegan =.=" grr~ tgk ape ntah cni *thinking* MirrorMirror kot]

snap : 13

[peace ;) kekeke~]

snap : 14

[kanak² comot ^-^ Teha + Ayien]

0 done.[♥]

Batch IPD Jan - Apr 2012 [pt.3]


snap: 8

[trip to Perak ! blakang tuh Mr.Soleh♥]

snap: 9

[trip to Perak !]

snap: 10

[with Ms. Fatin]

snap: 11

[at Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. Asgmnt aku kt cni =.=" grr~ e'eh Cik Cynthia + Cik Flor ;) trselit Mdm Azizah kt blakang.keke~]

0 done.[♥]

Batch IPD Jan - Apr 2012 [pt.2]


snap: 4

[Ms. Fateha & OwnerBlog tgh bosan kt McD.tggu manusia lain siapkn assgmnt diorg *hmph!*]

snap: 5

[neh kt Tasik Titiwangsa wif Ms. Fatin, Ms. Fateha + Mr. Arif. Last day kot tuk brpoye² sblm final exam]

snap: 6

[taken b4 class. neh d 1st pic after total make-over.kahkahkah~]

snap: 7

[taken at a restaurant that we used to hangout :) kekeke~ dinner neh.]

0 done.[♥]