Monday, May 14, 2012

letih ah.TIRED !


dengan ini, saya ingin mengisytiharkan bahawasanya saya akan berehat daripada blog :)


this news is valid and i'll enforce it from today onwards.this is ma last post b4 i start my 'vacation' ;p

well, due to lots of other things that has been playing in ma mind lately. . .i decided to take a break from all internet-based things such as FB + blog ;)

yup ! i delete ma FB account since i dun think it will b of any use after i'm dead. right ?

yeah, i think things like that once in a while. . . ^^
and other reason, I AM TIRED.
tired of every drama i see, tired of every wailing + whining statuses =.="
they distress me a LOT !! =.="
y dun i delete them whiners ?
well, since ALL of them must whine abt sumthing. . .so y dun i juz delete d damn account totally ? ngaa~
i AM whining right nw, aren't i ? ;p

well, i didn't whine til nw. . .so it only fair that this is ma 1st + last whine ;p

ok ah =.="

bye. u guys have fun kay ? ;)
stay safe. b healthy.


little notes : i want to delete this blog too, mind u >:) well, it'll b deleted one day ;) i know it for sure ^^ peace !

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Prayer for Mama ♥

to Mdm :)
i will always pray for u wherever u are or watever situation ur in ^^
x perlu Mother's Day neh pn sbnrnye. . .
sbb hari² is a Mother's Day to me ;)

Ma, Happy Mother's Day ! ♥
sm0ga Allah pnjgkn umo mama, murahkan rezeki mama + dpermudahkan segala urusan mama.
n yeah, sm0ga cepat² terima menantu yep ;) kekekekeke

love u lots, Ma ♥

0 done.[♥]