Monday, January 23, 2012


some quotes that really touched my heart n couldn't help to acknowledge by nodding =.="

A girl doesn't need to tell you how she feels ?
it's all written in her ♥ eyes ♥
if you can read her silent eyes
u definitely deserve her heart ♥


Being single is a ch0ice ...! ♥ :) :)
S0me say it's t0 av0id ...
.... heartbreaks ..!
but ...
... ..
s0me ch00se t0 be single ..! ^^
because ..
..... ..
they're still in l0ve ♥
with s0me0ne else ....!!! ♥♥♥ :) :)


I think of him 'n our time together
'n the tears come to my eye
I never wanted to see him go
Never wanted to say goodbye

Our time was so special to me
But I guess it's time to move along
he wants to spread his wings 'n fly
To hold him back, I guess that's wrong

I always said you only live once
'n you have to do what it takes
To make yourself content 'n happy
Even if it means some hearts will break

So I let him go, 'n said goodbye
'n he was on his way
If I ever really was in his heart
he'll come back someday... :'(


d one that i couldn't help cringe is d last one =.="
ouh saket sgt.
auch auch. . . =.="


little notes : naik komuter, dr kl central smpai ke seremban. lalu btg benar, aku trbyg² imej die dgn kete kuning die tuh parking kt tepi tuh menunggu aku. dok lam komuter, tringt naik komuter dgn die g jln². sebak. tetibe terindu melampau kt die =.=" *sigh* sadis sadis :( haish~ Mohamad Najib Mohamad Najib =.="

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

so when will my heart let him go then? *sigh*
this is so frustrating =.="

piyed neh =.=" die nyer keje ah neh =.="

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

mama, anak mu nk kawen !

kdg² aku malas nk update things kt sini tp aku nk luahkn something, mesti ah aku nk menulis =.="
tp, aku neh kdg² mmbebel mepek meraban =.="
tuh yg malas.

well, skrng...aku nk mmbebel psl hal yg mmg da lapok =.="
why! is my heart still have this lingering feelings towards someone that i shouldn't have any feelings with? =.="

die tuh off-limits la >.<"
aku malas nk layan manusia off limits neh =.="
tp wat can one do when someone that he/she loves is that one who are supposed to b wary about =.="
somebody that is beyond our reach...somebody that we shouldn't even venture upclose =.="

aku waras lagi la.
aku x ske walopn betape sygnye aku kt die.
my past and his past will always remain in d back of my head and LABELLED as HISTORY.
betapa syg pn aku kt die, betapa cinta pn aku kt die...he IS my past.
ye, aku payah da nk syg org lain...pyh nk terima org lain...
walopn rite nw, i'm struggling to open up to anybody...reach out to anybody who is willing to mend my broken heart.
i may look like somebody who won't probably have any problems abt relationships involving between a man + a woman.
sadly to say, i do.
everyone does. who doesn't =.="

tp si mamat mengom tuh jugak yg aku syg =.="
pdhal bile pk balik, "aku mabok ke mase aku trime mamat neh?"
aku gelak sensorg =.=" huhu.

so, sape yg nk brtggjwb tuk mmbaiki hati aku neh?
sape yg brani tuk mnyayangi aku yg da malas nk open up to anybody?
sape yg brani to take me out from this aching nightmare?
sape yg brani to say that he'll try to b wif me til his last breath?
aku minta byk...juz love me, spend tym with me, treats me like i'm d only girl that exists in his life.
x bleh?
x bykkn?
is it too much for one girl to ask?
we girls have security issues. so agak payah nk penuhkn keinginan yg ini.
hey, ske sgt kate pmpn neh lemah kn =.=" so prove it that u've got BALLS men!
bkn stakat ckp je. tp at least, tunjukkn yg YOU ARE THE MAN! =.="
bile agak² aku nk kawen neh =.="
aku nk kawen, xde plak calon =.="

see. da melalut ke bnde lain =.="
neh yg mls aku nk hapdet =.="
mepek meraban je koje nye =.="

da ah. nk mandi.


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Friday, January 20, 2012

i dreamt of u today.


i thought i would nvr have any dream abt him no more.
then here i was, woke up to a dream that i wished i could woke up sooner.

d dream was painful to me. i kept on hoping i could just wake up frm it.
d dream started blurry...then somebody told me that something had happen to made me instantly very sad.
i saw mama's face trying to cheer me up, my sisters too.
my heart was breaking rapidly...aching too much...
for d first tym i want to wake up from a dream. a dream where he was in it.
then there was a lady. too hazy for me to recognise bt i think i now who she was.
she was trying to hurt me with painful things that could make my heart ache even more by having uploading pics + things between her + him.
all i wanna do was creep up somewhere and juz cry.
she said, he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore and love only her.
i know it would be strange for me to feel hurt by that remark since i am no longer important like i was before bt still, it hurts.

i thought i wouldn't have any link after i decided to let go.
i thought that link was gone slowly after i decided to forgive him + pray for his happiness with his family.
serious. aku da redha dgn segalanya.
aku siap halalkn segala bnde yg aku da bg kt die for d 3yrs he's been mine.


that stupid jerk =.="
even in dreams also want to make me hurt ka?
bt i guess, i couldnt stop feeling the way that i do.
it has been 6yrs and 2 mths already since i say - i do.
and i still is loving him.
it is difficult to shake it off.

tp xpela.
die da ade org yg jage.
watpe aku nk sebok2 tol?
walaucamne pn, aku still doakn yg baik2 tuk die.
at last, aku doakn die bahagia dgn life die.

he was my knight in shining prince...the king of my heart.
eventhough we are not together visibly, i guess it is ok to say that we're still connected somewhat by an invisible thread.

kuat gak =.="
walopn skrng neh, die buat dekk je dgn aku =.=" ceh~!
aku majok xmo pujuk =.="
sedih! :(
tp, aku harap yg die masih sygkn aku :(
aku harap yg die masih cintakn aku :(
aku harap yg die masih mahukn aku :(
sbb aku masih syg, cinta + mahukn die.

to dak kecik yg bongok,
ayg, org rindu ayg :(
ayg jahat :(
x pujuk ! [-(
ayg jage diri leklok. solat jage. mkn jage. xmo stress2.
once in a while, msg la org ngok ! >:p
geram aku =.="
luv u so much, b :*

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Friday, January 13, 2012

last day. jengjeng~

orait !
this is ma last day here at ma own home ;(
suddenly feel nostalgic.


nk ikutkn mmg xmo brganjak dr umah neh ;p
tp smpai bile la hoh?
so, i gotta go ^^
held up ma chin high, spirit's up then i'm good to go.

i'll b less online though :D
dunno also if i could update things here *thinking*
anyway, i'll update if i could. haha.

ok ah.
wish me luck eyy?

u guys take care then ;)

bye. ;p

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Monday, January 09, 2012

girls that i call mine.


saye sedih bile tgk wifeys saye sedih.
tp nk buat camne, dilema seorang wanita, isteri + ibu.
kdg², all i can do for these girls of mine is juz b quiet + listens wif my heart to those things that cant b expressed by words alone.

hw i wish i could b right next to them n give them a hearty hug.

to all those strong women that i admire, i salute you...i pray for you...i love you with all my heart ♥
whenever u feel exhausted with the world + everything doesn't go your way, makes u frustrated with everything...pls know that you have a friend here. ME.

i know you won't say much, i never expect to know anything frm u as well...
bt it hurts my heart to see ur fiery eyes teary due to stupid things that hurt u.
we dun have to b related by blood to b called 'sisters'...
to me, all of u are my sisters whom i love for always.
despite d differences, i will always stand by you :)
can say that we are soulmates? ;p
maybe. teehee~
watever it is we have between us, i am proud to say that you are my wifey ♥

b strong my wifeys ♥ b strong.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

shoutbox brtukarrrr~ menjadi CBOX !! kekekeke~

ergh =.="

shoutbox neh sgguh mnjengkelkn =.="
tetibe je maw brbayar plak =.="

jd, brtuko le kpd cbox. naseb gak mmg suda ade =D
xyah susah² maw reg bagai.

well, gonna b a long absence over here though ;)
gonna b very bz this year ^^
so, in advance...gonna wish u all a good health, long lasting happiness + enjoy d moments wif ur loved ones eyy ?

i'll update things if i can b free of it ;p
highly unlikely though coz i dunno if there will come a day i'll actually update ma blog =.="

da xde bnde nk taip.

so, wish me luck eyy? ;)
i may b very distant from blogging bt my heart is always here. chewah~!!

azam thn neh ?
jd budak yg baik, muslimah yg baik, manusia yg baik, anak yg baik, kakak yg baik...
senang citer, sumenye nk dibaikkn la ^-^
i dun think i have tym to involve with love relationship.
i would like to discover the world on ma own wif ma loving family only.
i'm down wif that ;p teehee~
kalo ade yg brani, ade la. kalo stakat pndg dr jauh, syok dr jauh tp xde kudrat/keberanian maw tackle, membujang la wa smpai ke tua =.="

ok ah.
da mepek.


assalamualaikum ^^

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy 2012 :)


well, it has been a very long time :D isn't it ;p

anyway, have a happy new year guys ;)


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