Friday, December 09, 2011

We'll miss u a lot Lola. may ur soul rest in peace ♥


it's a hard tym for me + ma family.
we had lost our only living, breathing grandma yesterday around 2pm.
all d Son, Ledesma + Carpio are still grieving.

my Lola ♥
ahh~ ma cute, beautiful Lola :)
remembering her brings smile to my face.
the 4months me + ma sisters spent with her were precious to me.
i saw her in every mood she can possibly be :)

my Lola, Purification Son Carpio.
leaving us at the age of 83.
as i remembered her, she's a strong fighter :)
a prominent figure in my mother side of the family.
she never backed down to whatever Life could throw at her.
sometimes, i imagined her to be a warrior woman back at the old days with rolling sticks and woks as her weapon defending the family.
hehe. funny eyy?
bt i admire her all the same.

at her last days on Earth, at least her descendants had made one of her wishes came true which is having all her sons + daughters at one place at one time without quarreling and actually enjoyed the company of each other at one festive moment.
she had that dream came true which was on her 82nd birthday, 1yr ago :)
it was a big one bt at least, all of us were happy to be together + celebrate ma Lola's birthday.

i pray that my Lola can rest in peace nw together with my Lolo, my 2 uncles, Abah, Amal + to those family members who had gone before her.

we'll miss u a lot Lola Puring ♥

Her last pics :) preparing for Xmas + celebrating my Mama's birthday.

taken 1yr ago.

*dis was on her birthday :) wif her apo, SwangYou ♥

*dis was on Fiffy's 18th birthday :) Lola with her apo, Shey ♥

little notes : i juz want to remember her smiling, tricky face ^^ she's quite a trickster my Lola is ;p huh~ i'm gonna miss her loads !

3 done.[♥]

Thursday, December 08, 2011

No Time To Love.

sgguh bz =.="
dun have tym to update things :D weehee~

tp er, ade la trselit tym neh nk mepek skjap :D teehee~

well, nk mepek pn kna ade something ah =.="
tp aku nk mepek tataw nk mepek ape =.=" sigh~~

well, aku nk cari idea ah nk mmbebel ape kang =.="

nk get ready nk kuar sbnrnye neh =.=" soooo bz~!

k ah. babai! =D

little notes : skrng, hati aku da xde ruang tuk sesape pn. hati aku hny tuk Lee SungYeol sahaje ♥ jajang! sekian terima kasih. no time to love =.=" officially, ma heart dun hold anyone but my family + SungYeol.wassalam.haha!

news flash!
something wrong to lola back at Zambo :-s i'm worried. i pray that nothing's wrong.amin! Ya Allah! kuatkn smngt ibu ku tuk mnghadapi sume neh.

0 done.[♥]

Monday, December 05, 2011

answering questions ^^


got tagged ^^ bt since i've done it already, i'll juz answer the tagger's questions only ^^ hehe~

abt d 11things abt me, u can found out at AboutMe section ^^


Questions frm Miss Mira are :

1.Do you love travelling?where?
- yes, i do! anywhere possible ;p

2.What K-drama do you love?
- any Kdrama will do ^^ recently i watched [Wish Upon A Star].

3.Whats your favourite Kpop group/solo?
- i have lots. to name a few; d big titans for group[HOT, GOD, FTTS, DBSK, SuJu, BigBang, SS501 etc.], solo[GODmmbers(SonHoYoung, KimTaeWu & WheeSung), HOTmmbers (Moon HeeJun & Danny Ahn), FTTSmmbers (HwanHee & Brian), Baek JiYoung, JYP, Sung SiKyung etc.]

4.Do you love anime?
- i LOVEEEEE them!

5.If you had chance to go Korea,who you want to meet?
- i think i would like to meet someone friendly and could communicate well like Nickhun 2PM or GNa probably ;p haha!

6.What song(s) that reminds you to someone?
- lots actually bt there are particular songs [in korean] that really can make my heart cringe with pain whenever i hear them are from Traxx - Let You Go, FTTS - Goodbye, 8eight - Without A Heart, DBSK[JaeJoong] - Fly Away & Infinite - Amazing; to name a few.

7.Do you love cute stuffs?
- YES!!

8.Whats is your feeling when blogging?
- depends. sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes sympathetic. haha!

9.Love Mathematics?
- during younger days, i LOATHE maths =.=" bt i began to fall in love with it when i was in Form3 and still is actually ^^

10.Which one is more important,phone or laptop?
- phone! laptop cannot call ppl la =.=" haha!

11.Do you always play this game?
- not really. if coincidently somebody BW to ma blog + tag, i'll usually play along ^^ doesn't kill me to b nice ;p haha.

well, there you have it !

ok la =.=" i've got personal thing to do that needs my utmost attention ;p

bubye + have a nice day ppl ! ;)

0 done.[♥]

beyond apprehension. heck, i'm pissed rite nw =.="

710 posts. wow.
and i bet more than half of it was about a jerk that i so happens to b not so over with =.="

da ah.
aku rase this is d last post aku nk buat si polan tuh jd bahan citer aku =.="

ma heart ached A LOT, ok =.="
wa da byk kasi pluang tp si mengom tuh dgn beshnye buat x nmpk je dgn sume tuh =.="
xkn ah wa nk letak signboard ke notis ke memo ke to announce that i AM giving out chances =.="
huh? =.=" x reti nk tgk ke?
da terang2 kot still x nmpk?

xpe ah.
dis is d last tym aku nk sentuh hal brtajuk & brinspirasikn die =.="
aku da malas.
saket ati lg teruk frm before ade ah.

setiap manusia ade had.
aku x trkecuali. aku bknnye gile. robot pn tidak.
ade limit to what i am capable of doing, ok! =.="

memandangkn Ur Jerkness is too bz playing family man, aku nk resume to ma quest yg aku da tinggalkn smntare sbb Jerkness neh distracting me =.="
i AM bz too, u noe =.="
i AM doing ma part as a family woman too, u noe =.="

but i guess, he's not capable to juggle things than he thinks he could.
ur not ready.

ask me again if ur ready boy. =.="
rite nw, i dun think u can handle me =.="
i'm too much for u to handle rite nw, kn?
so, i'm doing u a favor by being away and unreacheable to u.
let u have a space to sort things through.
ouh dun worry. i'll always b around bt not available to u la ^^
i'll let u taste hw hurtful it is to me when ur doing d same thing to me nw :)

so, goodbye for nw ;)
hope ur doing well eyy? ;)

*d problem is, i know he'll disappoint me over n over n over again bt still...huhh~

little notes: i AM disappointed, tired and pissed rite nw. so dun expect me to b kind to u =.=" huh!

0 done.[♥]

Saturday, December 03, 2011

bile hati ku menjadi agak tandus.


ma heart ache =.="
and i dunno wat to do wif it =.="
i need to breathe right. =.="
heck, even breathing is hurtful.

am i wrong?
to voice out my rights to b happy with only a mere flower given to me?
to voice out my rights to b happy with only a saying that says - i'm urs?
to voice out my rights to b happy with only a ridiculously cute ecard saying that he misses me?
to voice out my rights to b happy with only a short call with him singing a verse to let me know hw he feels?
to voice out my rights to b happy with only a short call with him saying all the things he needs to say to me juz bcoz he misses me and doesn't matter if he only has 20cents left?

i dun need to b courted all the time bt enough to make my heart swell with pride, love + miss for that certain somebody.
am i wrong for demanding that attention which clearly i am deserving to have?
once in a while, fire up my heart to have a long lasting passion + love for that certain somebody for a very long time.
even my heart needs to renew its feelings towards something.
huhu ;p

i'm craving for those attentions that sometimes i felt jealous with others who can spend time with their loved ones whenever + wherever :)
i dun want that certain someone to 24/7 being attentive to me, bt once in a while it is nice to have those little romantic gestures to skip my heart a beat + let my cheeks blush like an innocent little girl.
too much?

i dun think so.
it's normal for asking those things from somebody that u want, right?
and i think, it is very rare for me to ask for those things.
i dun want to demand but i want him to do those little things, those little details that i care so much just to fire up my feelings or in other words, renew my almost diminishing passion for him.

huhh~ =.="
i'm thinning here =.="
so, plump me up!
my soul that is ;p
keperluan batin spt itu adalah wajib taw!
leh kurus jiwa aku camni =.="
camne aku nk gemokkn jiwa aku dr bab jiwang² neh?

oke ah =.="


0 done.[♥]

Friday, December 02, 2011


Ya Allah. nasib aku jmpe ayat² yg menenangkn hati aku yg tgh kepanasan neh :)

* Hidup kita ini akan sentiasa diuji. Sama ada kita suka atau tidak kita akan diuji juga, sesuai dengan Firman Allah S.w.t yang bermaksud: “Apakah kamu mengira bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga, padahal belum datang kepadamu (ujian) sebagaimana halnya orang-orang terdahulu sebelum kamu? Mereka ditimpa oleh malapetaka dan kesengsaraan, serta digoncangkan (dengan bermacam-macam ujian) sehingga berkatalah Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman bersamanya: “Bilakah datangnya pertolongan Allah?” Ingatlah, sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu amat dekat.” (Surah AlBaqarah : Ayat 214) *


so, sabarlah sebanyak² nye.

0 done.[♥]


da masok disember.
da masok thn bru gak utk org² muslim :)
Salam Maal Hijrah [i noe, a bit late bt better late than never kn ? ;p]

aku tgh mnjage api kemarahan yg tgh mmbuak ddlm dada aku neh =.="
tetibe jek trbuke hati aku nk tgk something, find out abt something.
and yeah, i did. =.="

terbako nye hati.
astaghfirullahal'azim. a'uzubillahiminashaitonnirajim~
sabo weh sabo.

dalam hutak aku, aku da amek machinegun tembak sepuas² nye =.="
bengang. geram. sakit hati.
sume ah =.="

didn't we say it clearly enough ?
betapa hancurnye hati aku bile mngetahui something that i really dun wanna know.
*hembus nafas, amek nafas sedalam² nye. . .hembusssss*
die x taw ke betape Mdm aku teringin melihat die?
die x taw ke betape tingginye harapan Mdm aku trhadap die?
die x taw ke betape Mdm aku rindukn die?
and itu baru Mdm aku.
aku da bgtau sedaya upaya aku jgn meletakkn apa² harapan kat die.
sbb aku taw how it feels to b disappointed by that person.

i am frustrated.
i am sad.
i am heartbroken.


Mdm kate, if d 3rd time die x dpt brjmpe juge dgn die...
she didn't say anything after that.
tp aku cube menenangkn hati mama aku tuh dgn mmberitahunya yg mngkin antara mama dgn die blom brjodoh lagi tuk brjmpe.
she seemed to calm down with what i said and smiled.

benci ah bile this things happen.
hati aku neh cam dicucuk², disiat²...
Ya Allah, tenangknlah hati aku neh.

aku tgkkn saje.
i've done things that i could.
it seems to me that i just have to let it go.
bersabar lagilah yg perlu aku lakukn.

i dun wanna say anything anymore or do anything anymore.
aku buat xtaw je ah =.="
sbb aku da malas.
hati aku da sakit gile da neh.
Mdm maybe bleh overlooked abt this bt to me, it hurts a lot.

aku nk merajok =.="
bwk hati ku yg lara sejauhnye dr manusia yg telah mnyakiti hati ku ini :-<
ouh sedihnya.
memujuk hati ku yg sedih ini.
menyejukkn hati ku yg kepanasan ini.

ouh bengangnye =.="

if that is all he can do. then i won't do anything to give him headaches.
i'll juz disappear =.="
that's d best thing.

aman hidup aku =.="

ish geram gerammmm!

if that's hw u want to play, i'll play along as well =.="
i'll make u hurt + damn unhappy as well as i am hurt right nw =.="
so, let's start.

0 done.[♥]


You can kill a Muslim,
But u can't kill Islam.
Can anyone tell me why it is so
hard to pray, but easy to
Why clubs are growing and
mosque's are shrinking?
Why is it so hard to re-post a
Muslim status, but easy to post
Why we can
worship a celebrity, but not
Gonna ignore this?
Allah said, if you deny me in
front of your friends, I will
deny you in front of me.
Re-post this if you're not afraid
of what your friends
will think
♥I am a Muslim AND PROUD ♥

0 done.[♥]