Sunday, June 19, 2011

huhu. . .

hey !

long tym i didn't update anything aite ?

y ?

too much tym to spare in other things beside sitting in front of d monitor hoping to get sum words out of ma empty head =.="

i guess i could say i dun hev anything to write about.

for me, if i'm bcoming more idle in writing things down either a journal or emo-trashbins-sort-of-blog, it means my life is too occupied with sumthing.

or simply i juz gave up on writing things abt ma opinions in life.

or maybe i juz dun wanna open up anymore.

maybe i'm feeling better ? my life is finally getting better ?

maybe. . .

or not. . .

i guess i could say that i dun wanna put every thing that had happen to me on a site anymore.eventhough i nvr did post every single detail ;p

huh ! i even stopped writing my diary =) completely !

let's juz say, i'm all dried out.

my life's nw is kinda platonic, i guess.

. . .

or maybe i'm already immune to all of it til i can't even feel anything no longer.
y bother write or remember things that i dun want to remember ?
or y bother write sumthing dat is completely useless.huhuhuhu~

maybe i've been so cooped up with things that i dun even bother to online anymore =)

bt hey, at least i got rid the huge lump in my chest that i've been holding on for all these years.

one day, i just realized that i dun feel anything anymore.
i could hope once again.i could dream once again.
i wanna deny the fact that i don't want anybody to come into my world again, but i couldn't deny it bcoz it's the truth.
i don't want that crazy thing to happen to me just yet.really~!

it's too tiring =) huhu.

maybe, one day. . .there will b dat someone that could take my breath away. . .sweep me off ma feet. . .my knight in shining armor ;p hehehe. least rite nw, i am not afraid to hope + dream for a man to come in my life and love me for who i am + nvr give up easily on things.juz face head on wif everything to make a beautiful future together wif me =)

nice dream ey ? hahaha.

at least i could dream nw. ;)

little notes : i wonder, will i b able to open up again to a being called 'Man' ? i love being in love bt, facing d heartache, again ? i dunno if i have that courage yet.i dunno if i could even make a step.huhuhu~ tiring =.="

0 done.[♥]

Friday, June 03, 2011

tetibe kalo in d near future, ma blog tetibe kna delete by blogspot ?
i dun care =.=" woohoo~

0 done.[♥]