Saturday, May 14, 2011

a ring.

i dreamt of you today :)
i dreamt of ma dad too.
both of u in it.
eventhough it's an embarrassing one bt at least i woke up happy ^^

in that dream, i was in a place. . .unfamiliar bt i'm not afraid.
somebody called out my name.i dunno dat man bt dun worry, he's an elderly. ;p
when i stood up, u were there standing right beside me. . .as if ur ready.
i was surprised actually seeing u there.
both of us were wearing white.simple bt looked pure + clean ;p
u hold out ur hand to me + smiled.
i hold on to urs then u lead me towards that old man.
as we were almost to that man, i saw my father. . .he too was smiling and yes, he wore sumthing white too.hehe~

that look on my father's face was like giving me a signal of approval of what i am about to do.
i dun understand bt he was smiling, i smiled back.

as we were standing in front of that old man, he said sumthing i couldnt hear.
then, he gave out a ring to me.

this tym, u took it.
y i said like this ? coz b4, i had d same dream too.
bt in dat dream, i took it first b4 u do ;p
when did i dream that one ? a few yrs back i guess.

n dis tym, i dreamt it wif a different ending.
u took that ring n put that ring on my finger.
where is d embarrassing part ?
is when u suddenly take out ur hand n took d ring frm dat old man saying sumthing i couldn't hear bt left an impact to me ;p
it made ma ears hot ^^ kihkihkih~
d way u slipped it through ma finger was unique as well.

after u took d ring frm him, u slightly put it at d tip of ur finger n then linked that finger to mine.
then, u slipped it through.

it was cute ;p and yeah~ simply took ma breath away.
d design of d ring was unique as well.
it was a silver ring wif greenish stones. . .simple bt d design of d stones were was formed of a flower.

i looked at ma hand wif d ring on it.

then, i woke up =.=" boohoo~

well, at least. . .d presence of my 2 most beloved men soothes ma unsettling soul.


it made me happy for d rest of d day ;p i won't let bad things affected ma day ;p kihkihkih~

happy ! eventhough juz for a while.

0 done.[♥]

Saturday, May 07, 2011

huh~ *sigh*
sumhow, i still can see him smiling + goofing off without even having him being there physically. . .
aiyaiyaiyaiii~ couldn't things get any worse than this ?? =.="

0 done.[♥]

Thursday, May 05, 2011


ngntok =.="

ja ! matta ashita ne ;p

little notes : actually da xde mnde nk buat da =.=" baik wa tdo ^^ kihkihkih~ bubye.

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jesse McCartney betul vs. Jesse McCartney prasan =.="

kenapalah laki neh sgguh SIZZLING !!! OMG !!!

hmph !
dsbbkn satu lagu, walopn aku da ske die neh lebih awal drpd mamat tuh. . .
tp dsbbkn oleh SATU LAGU, whenever i hear Jesse McCartney's voice. . .i'll think of him.

huh~ *sigh*

lagu per ?

Just So You Know.

darn~ =.="

so eventhough i am crazy abt Jesse McCartney, masih ade shadows of him whenever i'm looking at d real Jesse :)

betapa kuatnye makhluk tuh nyer power ke atas wa =.="

ouh double darn !!

0 done.[♥]

doshite ???? =.="

eventhough i wanna deny it wholeheartedly, i just can't.
why ?
bcoz my actions, my words gave me away.

eventhough i wanna hide it as hard as i can, i just can't.
why ?
also bcoz of ma action, ma words that gave me away.

all of those just pointed to one thing only; Him.

why do i love him so much ? *sigh*
why i nvr get tired in loving him through all these years ? *sigh*
why do i miss him only ? *sigh*
why do i want him only ? *sigh*
why does my heart needs him only ? *sigh*

to all those questions, i really could not have answers for.

wahai dak kecik buah ati pengarang jantung ku,
mengapa masih kuat perasaan ini kepada mu ?? TT___TT

why does my heart nvr stop loving, nvr stop caring for d one person it knows it couldn't have ? *sigh*

ouh tencennye *tarikrambut* =.="

owooooooohhh~ tencennnnnn~!! *lubangidongkuarasap*

0 done.[♥]

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The Line

komen aku : budak ini sungguh comel + lagi bagus dr Justin Bieber.sekian.kyaaahhh~

0 done.[♥]


herm. . .per nk taip er. . .


post pic je ah ek ^^

*image credited to Mr.Google

satu perkataan je; superb !

little notes : Chris Hemsworth sgguh seksi ^^ kyaaaaa~~ bile nk dpt laki camni kawen dgn aku ?? TT__TT

0 done.[♥]