Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tumblr. . .kyaaa~

cuba Tumblr plak. . .
kyaaaaaaa~ ^^

simple + easy to use ^^
xde hassle. . .woohoo~
bleh jd mysterious gak kalo gune itu Tumblr ;p mwehehehehe ^^
[makin byk lew ayat² trgantung lepas neh *gelakjahat*]
senang gak sbb connect trus kt twit + fb. . .woohoo~
xyah nk post bbyk kali ;p

ok ah =.="

mngkin akn kurang brblogging kt blogger ;p lalalala~

out !

little notes : got Tumblr as well ? let's follow each other.kihkihkihkih~ ;p ::Mine::

0 done.[♥]

Monday, April 25, 2011

cinema ? hoohoo~

movie reviews based on wat i thought. . .wahahahaha.buat neh je ah tuk ari neh =.="

movie 1 : Hop

so0o0o0o0o0o adorable ^-^ kyaaaaaaaa~
hepi hepi tgk rabbit tuh. . .

movie 2 : Pak ! Pak ! Pak ! My Dr. Kwak !

funny ! ^^ tp alangkah bagus diorg neh start letak subs =.=" tencen aku.huh~!
even citer melayu pn skrg neh ado eng subs =.=" darn !
[ psst ! start placing eng-subs on ur movies.i kinda had a lil' bit of struggle trying to make out d meaning by watching d scenes.huh~ *sigh* 95pesos lak tuh harge tiket =.=" xleh ke letak subs ?? ]

movie 3 : The girl with the dragon tattoo

citer neh best *put aside d exotic scenes =.="* interesting movie to watch sbb based on a novel wif a plot of investigating a murder tp end up wif a serial ones.huhuhu. . .
18sg ye kanak² ^^ hoohoo~

sume neh, aku tgk kt CinemaPro, Mindpro, ZC, Phils ^-^

the end.

really.i dun hev any useful or non-useful things to post for today.

oke ah.

out ! ^^

lastly, all images credited to Mr.Google.eheh ! ;p

0 done.[♥]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

feeding d longing. . .

mega - super - cravings - no - don *pullshair*


little notes : TT____TT woowoo~ i want u so bad.y do i hev cravings lyk dis especially wen i'm in ma menstruation period ?? darnnnn~!!! >___<"

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

anticipating. . .

can't wait for dis movie ^-^

mesti wa byk gelak jek kang.
gud !
release stress + throw away these ridiculous longing towards one person =.="
aiyayaiyayaiiii~~~~ T-T

can't w8 til april 23 =D

0 done.[♥]

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Memo for You.

Dearest Dak Kecik,

I.S.L.U.S.M =) I.S.M.U.S.M ;(

Lots of love,
Dak Beso.

p/s : go figure ! ;)

0 done.[♥]

Monday, April 18, 2011

@#$%^& grrr~

i had dreams of u quite A LOT today =.=" *sigh*
why ?
tell me why i still have dreams of u ?
tell me why i still have visions of u whenever i stared blankly into space ?
tell me why i still can feel those feelings as if ur near me ?
tell me why i still can feel ur warmth as though ur right beside me ?

i've tried hard not to think abt anything connected to u bt there u are smiling at me in ma dreams. . .
lingering in ma mind + left a very permanent in-print on ma heart. . .

why can't i b free from u dear ? why ? . . .

0 done.[♥]

Monday, April 04, 2011


lyf is a bit bored when there is really nothing u can do other than wat ur routine is ^^

bt i guess, that's wat most of us had been doing. . .sum have been doing d same thing all over countless tyms for all their lives.

bile nk ade excitement ?

ngeh he he. . .~

tym tuh, bile suda menggila mode, nothing could fade that one's determination.woohoo~

saye ?

kdg² trpk gak nk buat sumthing agak gile. . .example : having to break ma own promise to myself in being single for all eternity.wahahaha~

-ve effects on wat love stories can do to a person =.="
dat's y i can't either hate or love a good lovestory *sigh*

baiklah. . .suda agak lewat =.="

gudnyt ! l8r. . .

little notes : bile Gerald Anderson nk dtg melamar den neh ? =.=" an da lotih nunggu neh =.=" hish~!

4 done.[♥]