Monday, January 31, 2011


*ehsan Incik Google*

Heidi Klum sangat gorgeous
bile wa nk jd camtu ? ==.==" ontah lew.
tgk NCIS ah.

0 done.[♥]

♪♫ lalala~

sgguh sejuk >.<" bt i like ♥
k ah.
xde pape nk ngarut kt sini.
saje je nk post n3.wehehe~

well, signing off then ;]
gnna have ma brunch wif ma sisters @MesraMall, Kemasik.
d ONLY mall ever yg ade wayang kt Trg neh.sian an TT____TT
tp tuh pn, agak slow nk showing latest movies on tym TT____TT
so, nk x nk. . .g Kuantan la juge.woohoo~
lapo !

jd, bye.

0 done.[♥]

ting ting bunyi piano.

ha neh.
Ms.Shasha sbg seorg plajar matriks pd suatu mase dahulu.kuikuikui~

rindu seyh TT___TT oh piano !

*sori ah.makcik shasha neh da lamo x nmpk playing die slightly kiok sket at a certain part ;p.kuikuikui~*

enjoy !

k, signing off !

wassalam. ;]

0 done.[♥]


pepagi bute camni nk buat wa bloodpressure. >.<"

i dun blame them for being blunt sumtyms bt do they have to b THAT OBLIVIOUS !!!!
OMG !!!!

there are some things we shouldn't share in public.
well, u get wat i meant =.="
certain things dat doesn't really concerns that individual shouldn't butt in things they dun even have a clue.

aku kutuk org ke, mngumpat org ke. . .why should YOU b d one who's more HOTTER than I AM ???
manusia² neh terEMO lebih drpd aku neh pehal ???
dun butt in things u dunno k ?
makcik phm korg x ckp umo laie k ? *battering eyes smbil control temper*
dun try ma patience, alright ?
i dun care ur a family or whoever bt "crossing d lines" means crossing d lines already.
when i'm being silent + behaving well. . .dun push me, k ?
that's me struggling to tame ma tongue or other body parts =.=" as long as i can.

so pls, sistas + bros . . .pls, dun try my patience while i'm playing nice. ;)

0 done.[♥]

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lst Yr Pics : Bufday Angah Eddy ♥

ok ah.
upload pics la pulok yep.
neh pics last yr; bufday Angah Eddy.
dpt chocs + teddy.cumel er ?
aku pn jeles pdhal aku yg belikn TT___TT

*neh, dgn Mdm =)

*woohoo~ Hppy Bufday ! =) nnti bufday kamo, kite snap² pic laie ek ?

special notes fr u : sm0ga Angah cepat sembuh ^^ windu korg gegile ;( tke cre orait ? mwahx korg !!

0 done.[♥]

U Made Ma Warm =)

woh !
saye trlupe yg ma tweets go directly to fb TT___TT aiyaak !
nways, doesn't matter ;p
got heartwarming respond though ;p

*windu ko ah cik Mira ;( sobsobsob. . .bile ah kte nk brjmpe laie ek ? sobsobsob

0 done.[♥]

Megi oh Megi.

xde mnde nk update actually.
kitorg kna bgn awal sgt ari ni. . .nk anto Mdm g Airport Kuantan.huhu.
kinda so-so emergency she had to go.
i juz hoped she'll b safe always :)

aku ade snap pic mase kt sane.
uhuh~ snap² itu perlu.hahaha~
nahhh~ juz a pic of ma sisters ate their bfst - Maggie ! classic ! hahaha.
x nyempat² =.="
so, mereka mkn la itu megi :)
bt later on, ate again when they saw us at d restaurant ^^
gelojoh tol =.="
well, prbbly due to cold + rain.tends to mke ppl hungry ey ?
well, bw again ^^

0 done.[♥]

rabbit won ! [ ? ]

agak geram bile line brgerak lam gear 1 =.="
aiyaa. . .
whyyy ??
maybe suwoh aku tdo kut =.="
maybe la.

ok ah.
nk bw pn x bleh sbb error.
huhuhuhuhu. . .
later when d line's good, i'll visit u gorgeous ppl bck ey ? ;)
ahaks !

0 done.[♥]

Saturday, January 29, 2011


wehehehe ^^ buhsan =.="
ujan kt luar.skali ah dgn angin yg sgguh kuat.
brsama² kesakitan kepala yg tataw psl apo.mngkinkah sbb mate wa neh mngadap bnde brchy terang dlm waktu yg agak lamo ?

maybe =.="


brjln² ah.


0 done.[♥]

bile xde org mncari =.="


smlm, lps check fv. . .bru prasan yg xde sorg pn mncarik wa T___T sadis.
check bapo lamo wa xde, wah ! bru 8 ari je kut =.=" ceh.
jd wa type la stat yg mnyatakn bhwesenye wa mls da nk update pape stat lepas neh.
klako er ?
emo x skate.piyed weh piyed =.="

2 done.[♥]

Friday, January 28, 2011

da jadi da ! ahaks.ske nye aku (^_______^)

0 done.[♥]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

wah~! line agak slow. jd, saye nk out.bye =)

0 done.[♥]

sakit perut la =.="

agak kesakitan perut.
uh uh~
one thing i dun like during dis tym of d month =.="
y must it b painful ? *pullhair*

ade sumthing x nk kurangkn kesakitan perut neh ?
isk isk.

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


er.i can't say that i woke up happy or not coz i dunno wat to describe d feelings when i woke up =.="
should i b happy ?
should i b devastatingly unhappy ?
dunno. *sigh~!

i had a dream of him today.
i was shocked even i'm within ma own dream.
he was there. . .sitting, watching me from afar; which is weird.
he nvr did anything else but juz waiting + watching me frm where he was.
me ? i was bz doing sumthing.

then i felt like sum1 breaths in at d back of ma neck.
i turned, no one.
then i looked at d place he sits.nobody there.
i dun bother to look fr him at another place, juz sits there doing ma job.

then there that feeling again.
d feeling dat sum1 is really, really close behind u. . .
i one there.
i do ma work again.

after a while, i kept ma guard up bt then i grew tired so i juz let it loose n start ma work.
nvr thought of anything else.
then, juz as i finished ma work. . .a peck [ or sumthing near to dat term =.="] i could felt it behind d nape of ma neck !
i turned n there he was.
we looked at each other's eyes.said nothing.juz breathing; in and out.

then. . .

well, i woke up =.="
d last thing i rmmbered was d look on his face.
i dunno hw to interpret his look was.
bt i guessed. . .it was longing, sadness + love.
it's been a long tym since i had his face in ma dreams. i didnt have dreams for so long either =.=" n when i do, y him ???
it's been far longer tym since i saw that face in reality too.
hw long was it ey ?
april 2008 was d last tym.nw ? it's 2011.
nearly 3yrs. has been that long already ?
i nvr keep track since that day.

my dreams usually came true if he was in it. =.="
so dis tym, i doubt if it meant anything after all those years.
was it trying to tell me sumthing + trying to give me false hope that died long ago ?
i dun dare eventhough ma heart wants so bad to believe.

hw are ma feelings anyway ?
i dunno hw to describe it either.
i stopped all ma feelings.i let it all buried deep within ma soul.
i dun have heartaches anymore when listening to heartbreaking love songs.
i dun have any interests in men either =.="

ma heart is still pumping bt i juz dun want to have anything to do wif them anymore.
i can't lie if sumbody asks me abt ma feelings for him bt all hopes died when i buried him deep within me years ago.

a coward.a asshole.
bt eventhough he was all of d above, i couldn't deny d upper power within my heart.
no, i will nvr deny that fact.
and i won't deny that i have gave him up a long tym ago + will nvr again having hopes for him either.
why ?
coz it's a total wastage of tym.i learnt that.

he knows who i am + what i'm capable of.
d same as hw i know him too well also.
we both know it deep within our hearts hw we used to love + maybe still are.
bt we know it also that if one of us couldn't b strong enough for each other then hw are we suppose to live together ?
we gave up on each other.
why ?
loads of factors for both sides.
sick, sad truths that made us gave it up eventhough ma heart strongly oppose of.

i still do, u noe.
bt i noe what are ma priorities.
i couldnt abandon all those things for d sake of LOVE.
i am not ma Mdm.
i have a strong sence of responsibilities that i couldn't juz turn a blind-eye to.
he is not his old man either.
eventhough he's a pure jackass bt deep within him, i noe hw nice + warm he was.
situations made us change.
and maybe, juz maybe. . .i wished that he's not turning to d darker side of him too deep.
eventhough he breaks ma heart bt i wished that he wouldn't be darker than d day he was b4 he met me.
if he does, then all hell's break loose.
i'm afraid by that tym, even d purest of creatures will not even move his heart to do good.

that's wat i'm afraid most actually.
where he is too stoned to b melted by mere creatures who hurt him d most.
huh~ . . .

2 done.[♥]

Monday, January 24, 2011

fenin la fenin.

erk~ Alhamdulillah.
bru selesaikn prkare yg harus diselesaikn :D
nk exp ngn template tp agak kemalasan =.="
nk buat layout usually org pkai hape eh ?
mase bw, mostly pkai PS tp wa neh pemalas ah bab PS neh =.=" *salah satu sbb eh, pc den xdo PS.nk donlod, maleh ! kuikuikui~

jd apo plg sonang heh ?
selain drpd copypaste kt site yg ado buek template free, apo heh ? :D
eheh.ontah le.

haish =.="
tencen². . .bw la laie yo.

eheh.saye nk tuko layout tp agak kemalasan.
ade sesapo baik ati maw tukokn layout tuk den x ?
ngehehe~ saje je ;p
anyway, saje je nk post entri =.="
ok ah.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

It is tym. . .

ok ah.
aku da letih edit² pics =.="
nk tgk tv lak.tggu StarKing.ahaks !
sblm StarKing, SecretGarden plak.wah !
sgguh bz schedule saye er ari neh ^^ wah ha ha ha~!

k, tuh merepek. =.="
jd aku nk out.

have a nice day bloggers ^^


neh ek ?
wa xde ah tua mane weyh =.="
jd neh bkn pic wa.ahaks !
neh pic Mdm wa yg bru 16 :D ehek.

Once Upon A Tym. . .

Cpt Idris Yusop + wife, Mrs. Emelinda Son Carpio@Emy Yasmin Abdullah.

ha.kalo clueless an. . .neh lew org tua wa :D huhuhu. . .

Blast.from.d.past : 4

group pics ! Mdm jurukamera x brtauliah.haha ;p

Blast.from.d.past : 3

chow tym ! ahaks.sume cuzzins je kt meja neh ;p

Blast.from.d.past : 2

neh plak, Mdm bwk kitorg sume g mkn kt Jollybee.bonding tym wif cuzzins + uncles + aunties.

Blast.from.d.past : 1

neh taken from thn bape ntah.tym neh, baru abes carolling wif ma cousins + was Christmas.

Mohd Ikhmal Hisham b. Idris ♥♥

chumel er ?
rindu seyh kt bby boi ;( hmph.

Zmn Kegembiraan Cik Sn0w.

bgn almost kol 1pm.
best an ?
pehtu, basuh muke. . .merayap ke dpn pc.*wahahahaha~
sedang aku tgh syok brblogwalking manusia² yg meninggalkn jejak *terima kasih kamo² yg chumel² ♥ . . .Mdm suwoh mkn la pulok =.="
walopn bau brunch sgguh mnyelerakn, namun x dpt ku mnjauhkn diri dr blog² kepunyaan manusia² chumel yg tlh brtndang ke blog ku.*wehehehe~

lps mkn, aku tenung pics bby boi ♥
sgguh chumel mase die 0thn.hehehe~
aku pn mngmbil keputusan tuk mnculik pic² tuh then scan (^____^)V
naik tngga, g bilik Mdm sbb scanner kt bilik tuh =.="
sdg aku khusyuk. . .
Mdm brsore - " Ei Long ! Alg tgh scan heh ? Scan pics Mama skali. "

aiyaak !

aku pn brkate - " Ha cepat amek smntare Alg tgh bz scanning neh "

sesambil scan, sesambil mngenangkn kembali nostalgia lama.
trkenangkn mase kecik² dulu.betapa happynye dpt brcuti kt kg Mdm + minggle dgn sedare² blah Mdm.
trkenangkn mase bby boi baru lahir.aku la Mdm kedua bg die :)
trkenangkn mase mkn eskrem satu famili kt satu kedai kek yg da lupus mase dok kt Miri.tringt plak aku kt Abah ;(
trkenangkn kembali mase ahli kuarge aku masih ckp 7.happy sgt².

hmph. . .
skrng ?
not to keen on being happy anyway after losing 2.
sm0ga mereka aman disana.
AlFatihah buat Abah + Bby Boi, Amal ♥ missing u both so much ;(

0 done.[♥]

Friday, January 21, 2011


nothing to do on a friday.
seriously, sume org juz cam statik je =.="
sume org occupied dgn dunia maya.
aku ?
smlm aku da deact nk involvekn diri dgn penyakit fesbuk neh =.="
going to take a very long, good holiday frm it.huhu~
blog ?
aku xkn delete blog walopon niat ddlm ati tuh ado :D wahahaha.
tp i'll make it exist as long as i want it to b :D wuhuhu~
mls nye nk update pape =.="

so, bw je la :D
tgk blog sapo yg mnceriakn hari aku.eheh~


2 done.[♥]

sakit jiwa.

aku rase cam nk tembak bio mmpoz je.
tp sume tuh aku leh buat ddlm Magical World of Ma Brain =.="
dinding umah aku neh bknnye soundproof =.="
neh pn aku trpakse letak loud lagu aku neh.siap pkai headphone sbb nk tnggelamkn suara² tuh =.="

tp aku xleh nk buat pape =.="
selain drpd brsabar.
kdg² aku trpk gak, sejauh mane kesabaran aku neh.
kdg² aku rase cam nk meletup or go sumwhere where no one even knows me.


aku rase cam nk ghaib je terus dr radar.huhu~
tym² camni, aku rindu gile kt Abah + Amal.
sm0ga diorg aman di sana :)

**aku x gembira.aku kecewa.aku sedih.hati aku x lapang.Ya Allah ! bagaimana aku nk buat semua neh baik² aje ? dun have a clue.unless i shoot dat person on d head. =.="

0 done.[♥]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

lotih ! huh ! bye.

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

amek Mdm.huh~!
xde prasaan pape =.=" sucks !

0 done.[♥]


i wrote a letter to u.
bt i tore it after that.
i even put cute little sticker bunnies.
bt i juz scrunch those papers after that.

i dunno y i did that.
bt i guess, i felt relieved after pouring everything.
then, i thought again that it doesnt concern u.
so i tore it.

my words. . .
will nvr reach u.
i intended to.
bt u dun need those explanations.
i felt sick juz by thinking.
so i juz made it into a ball.

y i'm doing this ?
reserves my better judgement at things ?
at least, i felt better.

i dun owe u an explanation.
i juz did wat i have to do.
n it doesnt concerns u.

i may b rude. . .or may b insensitive.
bt so are u.
we disappear into thin air one day, then come back again.
when i thought abt our similarities, i smiled.
coz that's wat makes us compatible or so i thought.

we nvr explained anything.
so it's better that way.
all i need is juz trust + patience.
coz though i dun talk much abt ma affairs, everything will turn out alright in d end.

so, b patient and soon i'll come back to u. . .all smiley + cheery.
dun expect an explanation coz i wont give u any.
juz trust that i'll b back to my original state.

u may not understand.
well, who does ?

0 done.[♥]

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dream man ?

I need a man who :

♥ will fulfill my every need
♥ will tell me he loves me
♥ will be there for me, kiss me and dance with me in the rain
♥ will never break my heart
♥ will drive himself crazy for being away from me for a while but being cool abt it

bile ?? =.=" darn !

cam manusia kt bwh neh ♥


0 done.[♥]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

inhale, count to 10 + exhale slowly.

kadang² bila wa rase cam nk marah seseorg, wa slalu amek nafas dalam² pehtu kire smpai 10. . .
wa akn lepaskn nafas wa slowly.
bg wa, susah tuk wa marahkn seseorg tp bile wa da meletup selalunye wa akn nmpk sgguh cantik ! =.="
opposite ok !
slagi wa leh sabar, wa sabar. . .tp there are certain things, wa xleh nk kembalikn pd original state eventhough manusia tuh da merayu² tuk dimaafkn. . .
bg wa, skali da hancurkn prasaan wa. . .ye, wa buat cam biase tp not like i was b4. . .
doubts akn mula spinning around within my head.n it sucks when i started having doubts ;)
10 bnde manusia tuh buat, 1K bnde wa akn letak lam pala =.=" x kesah ah baik ka buruk ka. . .

forgiveness is not an easy task u noe =.="
so is asking for forgiveness. . .
i juz dun get it when there are ppl who simply saying those words like water. . .easily flowing. . .effortless :|
ouh hw i despise =.="
same gak dgn 'I LOVE YOU' - wa rase, susah tuk wa ucapkn perkataan neh unless i really meant it =.="
whereas I MISS YOU is easier.huhu~
tp ade certain manusia tuh, selambe taik kamben je shoot those sacred words out of their filthy lips =.=" urgh !

anyway, nape wa emo neh ?
wa sndiri blank =.="
adakah sbb wa tgh mngedit mp3 playlist + ma selection of songs kinda makes me wanna hit sum1 so badly =.="

emotions + memories always comes in pairs =.="
they nvr go without d other come membontoti dblakang =.="
when i hear those songs, choosing the right songs for ma list. . .
memories flooding over ma head =.="
n it SUCKS !
coz i have mixed feelings. . .
mostly abt ma family + d situation i'm having in.
then come d second highest ranking subject.
He-Who-Shouldn't-Be-Named =.="
pathetic, he is :| so pathetic.

ok ah !
skrng neh da kol 4 ! OMG !
so, bye.

out !

*broken promises are a very dangerous can effect ppl's lives in so many parts of their lives.hw i noe ? coz i am one of those ppl who were badly wounded by those ppl who broken their own promises.huh~

0 done.[♥]

with or without u. . .pffft~ !

*dun think of anything =.=" i juz love d song ok ?

0 done.[♥]

Friday, January 14, 2011

♥ Kim Hee-chul kyeopta !!! ♥

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tribute to Abah + Amal ♥

missing them ;( sm0ga aman dsana. AlFatihah buat Idris b Yusop + Mohd Ikhmal Hisham b Idris ♥ loves + misses u both so much.

0 done.[♥]

Sunday, January 09, 2011

kadang². . .

sumtyms, i do misses him :') huh~ i still had dreams of him few days ago. . .which warmed my day.i wonder if he's alrite too :) sincerely. . .

0 done.[♥]

is there any chance for me ?

Untuk XXX yang lahir pada tanggal 17, Angka kelahiran anda adalah 8 (lahir pada tanggal 8,17 dan 26 bulan apa saja).
Angka Anda tidak mementingkan diri sendiri, penuh perhatian dan tenggang rasa untuk orang lain, pengasuh dan pemberi. Di urutan terakhir Anda mendapatkan hal-hal yang baik. Anda hanya perlu bersabar saja sampai muncul orang yang tepat maka Anda bisa membangun karir, bisnis dan kehidupan Anda. Saat asmara akhirnya tiba maka Anda menjadi orang yang paling bahagia.
Capricorn adalah pasangan serasi Anda kecuali yang lahir pada 31 atau 4 atau 13. Jika bertemu pasangan yang seperti ini maka Anda lebih suka menekuni karier daripada membina hubungan asmara. Yang terpenting dalam hubungan asmara Anda adalah kebahagiaan.

komen aku : perlu ke Capri ? y must b a Capri ? tp aku mmg maw cri Capri sbb he is a Capri :|
aku harap thn neh, dpt mmberikn kegembiraan buat aku.for ma heart. . .coz ma heart is totally losing it =.=" which sucks ! ergh !

0 done.[♥]

Thursday, January 06, 2011

안녕하세요 !

안녕! 저는 아주라 임니다 ^^

i would like to take a LONG vacation off frm blogger ^^

so, bye !

그레거, 안녕 요럽은 :)

0 done.[♥]

Sunday, January 02, 2011

bubye !

it's funny when u found out dat there are actually ppl out there u really wanna evade from meeting + vice versa.huhuhu~ so i may will b in d list of 'Not-To-Meet' of sum1 :) nvm, as long as those ppl are happy ^^ coz for me, i am trying ma very best to live as proudly as i can b wif ma lyf :D out ! salam.

0 done.[♥]