Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CONFIRM ! Termination of blogger account .

okeh !
lepas thorough-thinkings..aku mmbuat keputusan ^^

i'll leave blogspot :D
bile ?
tgh malam aku akan delete.tepat² 0000.

why ?
aku da bosan.aku da malas.
tuh je.

sesapo yg ado den punye fb, okeh ah.leh hoohaa hoohaa kt fb ^^
sesapo yg ado den punye twitter pn, leh hoohaa hoohaa kt twitter juge ^^

it's final !
i will delete blogger's acct exactly at 0000.
sekian terima kasih.

thnx coz mmbaca ;)
thnx for replying as well ^^
had fun reading yours too ^^
so goodbye !

take care + happy always !

mwahx !

2 done.[♥]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

nk terminate blog.

da malas ah nk men blog.

aci x kalo aku nk delete acct yg aku simpan da brthun neh ?


**per kaitan lak ngn korg kalo aku nk del ke x =.=" korg pn x kesah kalo aku del pn.LAGI lah aku kn ? mwahahaha.will resume niat neh bile kembali dr brjln² :D aku x mepek neh.aku siyes.

0 done.[♥]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

when it stops.finally. . .

thnx to a group of ppl...
i managed to make things clear within myself :)

after so long suffering...having heart pains when i shouldn't even had in d first place..
i can say that it's enough.


i am free.at last, i could release a huge lump of air in my chest n breathe.
it's good to b free of unnecessary emotions.
to b free from d shadows of d past.
they don't hurt anymore.

at last, i could smile a smile that reaches my heart.

at last.

i can breathe easy.it's good.


0 done.[♥]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

listings to do . . .

today, i decided to delete everything that'll remind me of d pain i felt frm being dumped.


1. old yahoo ID accts DONE !
2. old files @ FileDen DONE !
3. his stuffs NOT DONE !

i was d one who is not seeing things clear.
i was too blinded by d feelings i had for you when clearly i shud see that YOU didn't even had d same thing for me.
stupid of me, right ?

too engrosed.
too loving.
too trusting that everything'll b alrite when it was so clear, i was left behind already.

YOU never loved me.
YOU thought u do bt actually u were not.
if YOU truly LOVE me, you wont do d things u did to me frm d start til d end.
if YOU truly LOVE me, you wont hurt me by shoving it to my face n made ur "LOVE" real + sincere to me.
if YOU truly LOVE me, you should have run to me when i'm in pain.
if YOU truly LOVE me, you will hold on to me no matter what.
if YOU truly LOVE me, you can do million of things to make me feel secure.

bt u didnt do any of things for me.
u bragged on have giving all u got for me.
tell me wat did actually have u done for me ?
did u come for me when i needed u d most ?
did u fight for me when u said that i AM so damn important to u ?
did u even sooth me wif encouraging words juz to make me feel dat d world will treat me kind ?

YOU expect those things from me.
bt wat can i do ? i am juz an ordinary girl.
YOU didnt give me strength to hold on to you bt instead YOU juz left me for another when i'm in pain.
tell me, CAN you even EXPECT those things from me when u didn't even do things for me either?

YOU left me.

am i angry at YOU ?

dulu ye.skrng neh, i dun have any strength to even get angry at u.
i felt disgusted wif myself n d feelings i have poured my heart + soul to d wrong person.
YOU never appreciated me.
juz bcoz i looked as if i dun mind...as if i dun have any heart for you, YOU turned and helping urself wif another.

baka ne, atashi ga ?
bt wat can i do :)
i AM d one who had been a fool giving you my heart in d very beginning.

i was so naive, thinking that u could b d ONE.
i was so blind, to d things that u had done to me thru d years.

if you asked me whether i did love u for real.
i gave all i've got to protect d love i had.i gave all i've had to keep u feel u were loved.
bt in d end, i was d one who had been left behind :)

i AM sorry for myself..giving my love to d worst person that is not even deserving of my heart.

tp nk buat camne.
mngkin care neh aku diuji.
da la kehilangan 2 lelaki yg plg aku cinta...
tmbh plak kena dumped !

wah~ . . .

i hope i wont have to see u again.
i wished u gud luck, gud health n gud life.

thnx for making me believed that YOU really are d one for me.
so much for my happy ending huh ? ;)

i wont pretend in saying dat I AM FINE, coz i am ;)
yea ! ur rite..i wont have anyone like u again.
bcoz i dun want to love a person dat is EXACTLY LIKE YOU again :)

i better have a man who could b brave for me, loves only me, sees only me, comforts only me than a person like you who couldnt even look my family in d eye, who couldnt back me up when i needed you d most, who couldnt see only me, who couldnt love only me, who couldnt comfort only to me...

sakit hati bile sy respon cam xde prasaan to anything u said ?
bcoz dat is EXACTLY wat u did to me when i needed u d most :)

i dun hate u.i HATE d things dat u did only :)

take care always ;) b happy k ?

coz i AM GREAT without u ;)

2 done.[♥]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

current mood stat :

missing Amal + Abah so much ! ;(

0 done.[♥]

Friday, April 16, 2010

nk bgtau. . .

sejak akhir² neh, saye sgguh pemalas :D


0 done.[♥]

Sunday, April 11, 2010

seriously. . . i dunno y i got a dream like dat =.="

mimpi aku jadi laki.


per akn jd kalo aku smmgnye seorg lelaki ?

aku da kawen kot :D wehehe~!

2 done.[♥]

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

i'm dead . . . =.="

Ibu + Mama suda mereng =.="
trlampau excited sbb adek aku nk brtunang nnti.
pehtu, selamba je kate aku nyer turn lak.

ewah ! =.="
spt biase, aku x mengalah.selambe je aku jwb balik gak.hahahaha.

I + M : pehni Alg Zura lak nyer turn !!
Aku : e'eh.cari ah =.=" alg xkn cari nyer de.kalo dpt yg tggi cam Ayah + Abah, puteh cam Abah + Ayah, hensem cam Abah + Ayah, sore sedap cam Abah + Ayah, hamba Allah yg baik cam Abah + Ayah...alg ON je !! kahkahkah.


eheh =.="

dlm ♥ : mati aku ! =.="

0 done.[♥]

Monday, April 05, 2010

DUIT bleh buat manusia jd x siuman.betul kn ? hmph ! bengang.

0 done.[♥]

Friday, April 02, 2010

hola !!

Jajang !!

back after a certain period.weheheeee ~ ! ;p

nothing to say.do some changes here n there.
that's abt everything, i guess.huhuhu.


bye for nw ! :D

3 done.[♥]