Monday, July 09, 2007

ThingsToKnowAbtMe ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Snow pn bleh =p Y? I love snow ! Or u can just call me Ez.
March 17, 1986
Keningau, Sabah
grew up
Miri, Swk + Kerteh, Trg.
1st born among 5
mixup descent; Malaccan father + Filipino mother.
single && searching.kyaa~
i am wat i am.i tend to change every nw + then bt still, i am just being ME.

11 things abt me

• i'm not a talker bt if i do talk, it means i'm comfortable ^^
• d day i was born, d day was scorching hot then rained heavily at d tym of ma arrival ;p cool huh ? ;p
• when i'm determined in doing something and i did do it, usually i'll regret it after few minutes bt stay strong wif ma decision anyway.
• i love rain bt i dun like getting myself wet especially if i finally took d tym to dress up nicely =.="
• i love music && singing in d toilet is alien to me ;p i nvr really sang in d toilet bt rather sang a song when i'm on ma guitar ^-^
• i LOVE cartoons ! be it anime, disney or watever ;p hahaha~
• i like to see ppl doing exercises + stuffs bt HATE to do it =.="
• i LOVE library. the smell of the books, the way they were categorized by their types + names are cool to me. haha~
• when ppl 1st tym seeing me, ppl always say that my personality + my looks making me look like the youngest in the family =.=" haishhh~
• i'm nt good in expressing fondness to other ppl. be it ma own mother =.=" haihhh~
• love THEMEPARKS !! haha~